Welcome to the Conscious Professionals Community

The San Francisco Bay Area Conscious Professionals of Color (CPC) community takes an experience-focused approach to supporting professionals of color. We believe that fulfillment in life can only be an experience. Thoughts can provide hope, even anticipation, but actual happiness can only be experienced. So too does change come about most effectively through experience.

The particular transformation intended at CPC is that you increase your capacity to achieve and enjoy your achievements. Beyond that, we seek to help you deepen your enjoyment of life that transcends anything that can be achieved.

We have designed experiences for you that are rejuvenating, relaxing, fun, inspiring, and providing a depth of connection with others. Within CPC, you will grow your professional network in a way that deeply nourishes you, and that you always look forward to showing up for.

Why people of color specifically?

Because we believe that there is a unique need that is not being filled for career path professionals of color to have an emotionally safe space in which they can be vulnerable without feeling they will need to justify or defend their experience.

For example, when there is institutional violence resulting in the death of a person of color, others from that community may feel they have experienced a trauma they need to recover from. It triggers deeper issues for them. An environment that responds with, “Well it didn’t happen to you, so why do you need to grieve?” would not be a safe container for the healing that needs to occur. The same goes for personal encounters with racism or discrimination. No one wants to be challenged to prove that it really happened before they can get the support they need for moving past it.

Not that such incidents are happening every day. The point is more to have a strong and safe container that is bonded together around joy, career advancement, conscious living, and emotional fulfillment that is ALSO there for the more difficult moments in life.

In short, we are committed to providing you with the nurturing support and community experiences that empower you to create your best life at work and at play.

While non-members can attend our seasonal daylong “deep community” events, membership comes with substantial benefits and discounts.

Take a look at our Community page to learn more.

Coming July 15, 2017

The CPC Daylong “Deep Community” Intensive

Join us for this daylong “deep dive” into the community foundation of all true success. Make deep and lasting connections with other conscious professionals of color and come away nourished, rejuvenated and clear on exactly how to bring more well-being into your daily work life.

Wwe will process overcoming the mental limitations that worked their way into our families during oppressive histories, and which continue to hold us back. This is a casual and supportive environment that provides a strong, safe container for you to be both vulnerable and courageous.

See the full event description here and reserve your spot in what is sure to be a transformative experience.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.