About Indigo

Hi, I'm Indigo Ocean Dutton, MA, founder of the Conscious Professionals Community and Aspiratech business technology firm. I'm also a business consultant at Awaken Business Consulting and author of two books: "Being Bliss: A Guidebook for Wholeness, Health and Joy" and "Micro Habits for Major Happiness." I am the host of Conscious Business Leaders TV, among other endeavors. I write regularly for the Huffington Post and other publications and can frequently be found hiking the hills of Tilden or Wildcat Canyon with my dog, Magic.

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While we would all like to think that we have seen the last of racially charged killings, such as the on-camera slaying

Resilience and Retention of Employees of Color in Tech

Resilience and Retention of Employees of Color in Tech from Indigo O. Dutton Reducing turnover is a bottom line

Strengthening Resiliency Among Employees of Color – Infographic

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