Within our community, we honor the following values and agreements, which serve as our Terms of Service:

  • INCLUSIVENESS We recognize the unique value that differing perspectives, life experience and ways of being add to our collective experience. As such, we welcome diversity and value how it enriches us all. Though this is a community primarily focused on meeting the needs of professionals of color, allies from the White/Caucasian community who support this mission are welcome.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY In order for this to be a nurturing and relaxing respite from the day-to-day world, it is important the community be seen as a place members can speak their experience without worry that it will “get out.” What is said within events should be considered completely confidential, and should never be repeated outside the event. That includes walking up to someone later and bringing up something they said previously. Let them decide the context in which they want to continue to share about their experience. Please honor each person’s privacy.
  • PERSONAL AGENCY Members participate in any activities voluntarily. There is never a requirement that you engage in any given activity, just because that’s what the group is doing right now. This is offered to you for you to partake of however benefits you. If at any point you feel you need to leave the meeting space to get some alone time, process what has come up, or just get some sun on your skin, do so without feeling you need to ask anyone’s permission first. Similarly, as part of your personal agency, only you can decide the appropriate intensity with which you engage in any of the exercises and processes–emotionally or physically. We carry no responsibility for the consequences of any decision you make.
  • LOVE The purpose of this endeavor is to deeply nurture each participant so that she/he can move through the challenges of their life with resilience, optimism, confidence and joy. A sense of being embraced by one’s community is the most powerful way of generating all of those feelings. This means that a vital part of community participation is that you be willing to both GIVE and RECEIVE the love that bonds us to each other. You may find that from time to time you have challenges with one or the other, and that’s fine. Simply carrying the intention that you will be open to letting in the love being offered however much you can in that moment, and to offering your loving attention to the furthest extent you can in each moment, is enough. We are all learning to experience more of the flow of love in our lives, and we can help each other with this.
  • PUNCTUALITY Within the community, being on time for the start of activities is vital to everyone having the best experience. When people straggle in over a 10 min. period, it may not seem like being very late to whoever is coming in, but the experience for people who were on time in that the first 10 minutes is scattered, with constant fluctuations in the energy in the room. Please respect the community container and your fellow participants enough to make it a top priority to be a tad early arriving at each event and coming back from each break. That said, life being life, if something does come up that forces you to be late, enter the room quietly with no feeling you need to offer any excuses or justifications, and join in whatever is going on as soon as you feel settled.
  • RESILIENCY Everyone’s life includes many challenges. Even the most optimistic person will sometimes feel defeated by some life events. The emotional variance of our lives is warmly welcomed within the community, but our primary focus is on strengthening each member’s ability to successfully respond to those challenges. As such, in our communication, we commit to being at least 3 parts digestion/solution to every 1 part problem in the way we approach any subject. We are creators, and we take responsibility for what we create in response to a great diversity of life experience. That said, we never question anyone’s expression of what their experience was. No one should ever feel like they have to prove that what they say happened, actually did happen the way they said. What is important is that they experienced it the way they experienced it, and that is irrefutable. In the community we focus always on how we can best support others from where they are, not where we might think they should be.
  • FUN Hey, why so serious? We are professionals and we get things done, so this community experience will certainly focus on empowering you to be more successful. Yet there is that extra special blessing that is bestowed on everything you touch when you are simply moving through the world from a place of joy. As much as we will learn, and grow, and enhance our relational skills within the community, so too will we simply enjoy our time together. Each event is focused on providing maximum rejuvenation, relaxation, and enjoyment. In other words, we want you to feel like this is something that adds more fun to your life, not just another obligation for something you should do to be more successful. You will look forward to coming to play with us, and we will look forward to seeing you coming up the walkway.
  • Cancellation Policy Note: Membership fees are non-refundable. Fees for individual CPC events are also non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled by CPC, in which case refund will be automatic. If an emergency causes a members’ daylong event to be cancelled, it will be rescheduled for a different date and still covered by your membership. If you engage in behavior that demonstrates an inability or lack of intent to honor these agreements from the viewpoint of the Community Leaders, the balance of your membership fee will be returned and you will be asked to leave the community, so that it can remain a safe and supportive place for other members.

These are the primary tenets that make the CPC experience uniquely powerful in supporting the well-being of each member. If you are willing to honor these agreements as you interact within the community, then we welcome you with open arms. Please complete your membership application now.