What Membership at CPC Means

Becoming a member of the Conscious Professionals Community is about more than simply joining a professional network. Though the career growth opportunities that always come out of meeting more professionals in your area will of course also come about through participation in CPC, we are about something so much more than that.

CPC is dedicated to providing you with those elements of life that will truly help you thrive. We are primarily emotional beings, and yet so much of our work lives involve turning off our emotions and moving through the world as disembodied brains.

Your intellect is incredibly valuable, but so is your heart, and your presence, and your inspired genius that comes from a place of knowing that is beyond the reach of mere intellect.

CPC is a community that not only holds space for all of who you are, but that will help you amplify the power of your full capacity within all areas of your life–And it will be fun! (No laughing, no Buddha.)

Conscious Professionals Community
Member Benefits

What would it be like to spend a day rejuvenating in a beautiful environment with people who understand your professional concerns, value you as a person, and appreciate your very presence?

How much value would it hold for you to be able to invest a day in such a way that it creates more bandwidth capacity in your life, instead of being just another demand on your time?

Our daylong events are designed to fill you with joy, relaxation, increased resiliency, and practical skills to take with you into your work week. Though the seasonal event agendas will vary, what will always be present are experiences of centering, relaxing the mind and body, expressing from your intuitive wisdom, and connecting with others from a heart-centered place. All within the context of supporting a meaningful career that creates prosperity for you and benefits the world.

We priced the deep dive days like a 2 hour massage, but we know the beneficial effects will stay with you far longer and enhance far more areas of your life. And as a member you get all 4 annual daylong events included at an even lower rate. As a bonus, that rate is locked in for the life of your membership, even when we raise membership dues or go to 2 day events!

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Deep Community daylong retreats are currently priced at $225. Become a member to get all 4 annual daylongs at a discount, plus all other member benefits included at no extra charge.

You will make powerful and deep connections during the seasonal daylong events, but don’t you want to maintain those relationships between gatherings?

The monthly remote sessions are designed to help you do exactly that. Meeting by video-conference one evening each month, we will continue to hone intuitive skills and clarify how to utilize those skills within a work context; continue to learn new self-care techniques appropriate to that season; and continue to learn how to apply a conscious way of being and relating within a conventional work environment.

You will also always have time during each of these remote gatherings to share what is going on in your life within small group breakout sessions (thanks to awesome technology). That way in addition to connecting with the full group, you’ll have time to go deeper with just a few people at a time.

And if you ever miss a live session, in the members’ area you’ll find the replay and a place to share your own input when you get a chance to.

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And speaking of the members’ area, to further strengthen the bonds of community across the year, we’ve also created a private online members’ area for you that offers:

  • Easy ways to organize spontaneous get-togethers with other members to go for tea, or a hike, or wine tasting, etc .
  • The opportunity to seek input on challenges you face, provide input to support others, or just share your celebrations and achievements so we can cheer you on.
  • Information about each upcoming member-only event, plus video replays and space to discuss what came up during any event and progress with integrating new ideas into your day-to-day life.
  • The ability to maintain a member profile letting other members know whatever you wish to share about yourself (e.g. bio, LinkedIn profile, etc.) and administer your own membership account.

And remember, all this is included in one annual membership fee. There is never any additional cost for any official activities throughout the year, not even lunch during the seasonal deep dives! We’ve got you covered. We’ll even help you organize the carpooling!

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As a special bonus, join in 2016 as a Charter Member for just $595 and lock in that annual rate for the life of your membership. (The regular membership rate of $995 will commence in 2017.)

Believe in Each Other – Support Each Other

When we support each other, we become stronger and the strength of our support network becomes stronger too. Often communities that have been marginalized can develop a way of relating that reflects the distrust and devaluation the dominant culture has directed at them. When we claim our joy and our capacity to love and value one another, we exercise the most powerful act of personal power. We become the ones who define ourselves.

Are You Ready to Thrive?

Beyond the specific membership benefits listed above, there is something much deeper you will get out of participating in this community.

The Conscious Professionals Community will support you in realizing the possibilities of who you might be from the viewpoint of Spirit. You see, Spirit’s vision for each of us is always greater than our vision of ourselves. We see ourselves through a filter of what we’ve been taught is “how things work,” but Spirit knows its oneness with all of creation. Quite possibly the greatest benefit of membership, will be that over time you will learn to live your life in a way that leaves room for the miracles.

Become a Charter Member today for just $895 and be a valued part of something that recognizes and supports the greatness in you.


~ Become a part of something much greater than the sum of its parts.

Find out who you can be when you are getting the support you need.

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