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Self-care through Energy Management

Join us for the September meetup of the Conscious Professionals Network (CPN). Note that CPN events are NOT official CPC events. CPN events are open to professionals of all ethnicities, not exclusively for people of color. They are also less focused on community bonding, and more focused on career skills development and networking.

Anyone who has worked full-time in a corporate, legal or tech environment knows how much it can wear on you just showing up each day. When you add in the extra psycho-emotional load of being a person of color in those environments, it becomes even more detrimental over time.

In this mini-workshop you will learn four different ways of managing your energy, so that you are able to thrive in unsupportive work environments.

This is a shortened version of the full-day retreat on “Deep Community” the Conscious Professionals Community for people of color is offering Oct. 1 in Berkeley.

You will learn and practice self-care skills in four primary areas:

• Emotional energy management

• Physical energy management

• Mental energy management

• Spiritual energy management

While the event is focused on providing the unique level of support needed by professionals of color, who are often in the extreme minority in their workplaces, active allies from other communities are also welcome to attend. An active ally might be someone who is not a person of color but whose child or spouse is, or who has worked directly on race, ethnicity, social justice, and/or diversity issues for a number of years.

Come learn why “self-care” means something very different when you are living in a situation of low-grade daily trauma.  And be guided in the development of skills that will help you master your inner game so that you can more joyfully and effectively master your outer game.

Please RSVP in advance. Cost is $10 in advance or $20 at the door. Pre-registration closes 3 hours prior to the event start time.

Location is near two BART stations and there is also fairly easy neighborhood street parking.