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Get the Loving Support You Need from a Community of Your Peers

Join us for this daylong “deep dive” into the community foundation of all true success. Make deep and lasting connections with other conscious professionals of color and come away nourished, rejuvenated and clear on exactly how to bring more well-being into your daily work life.

You will learn and practice self-care skills in four primary areas:

  • Emotional energy management
  • Physical energy management
  • Mental energy management
  • Spiritual energy management

This is a fun and supportive environment that provides a strong, safe container for you to be both vulnerable and courageous.

Come and grow your professional network in a way that is nourishing to all levels of your being, empowering yourself for greater thriving throughout your life. You will end the day feeling deeply connected to self and others, and energetically rejuvenated. And you will take with you skills you can apply on the job to increase your well-being throughout the work week, even if you are in an environment where you are one of very few people of color. And you will have begun growing your support team for a shared career success.

We’ve priced the event to me not much more than a 90 minute massage would be, but far more positively impactful, and longer lasting in its impact.


After this daylong deep dive, you will be able to more easily:

  • Make important career decisions with more confidence and clarity
  • Experience the deep embodiment of Self and its natural sense of well-being
  • Stabilize within self-care routines that include both the rejuvenation that is done by you in solitude and that which can only occur within the loving bosom of community.
  • Be able to distinguish when fear is speaking to you in the guise of intuition
  • Come away rejuvenated and feeling connected to a tribe of like-minded professionals who will support you in this next, much more fulfilling phase of your life

Lunch will be provided.

If this is the sort of support you’ve been looking for to progress in your career satisfaction and success, then this is an unbeatable offer. Please come and join us and contribute who you uniquely are to the creation of a whole that is far more than the sum of its parts.

SCHOLARSHIPS: If you strongly feel that attending this event is what you need right now, but are unable to afford the full event registration fee, Click here to apply for a partial or full scholarship.