Our Mission

Here at Conscious Professionals, we help spiritually oriented corporate professionals of color connect with each other and form strong community bonds. We are a source of nurturance within their lives, empowering them with the emotional resilience they need to face the challenges of being both a conscious person within a corporate environment AND a person of color within an environment that doesn’t always see their value.

Members will benefit by having more skills to draw upon for effective self-care, emotional expressiveness, and accessing intuitive guidance within work life. With these skills and community support for their applying these skills throughout their lives, they will become a transformative influence wherever they work, lighting more lights with their own.

How We Do It

We do this by providing transformative daylong events, plus monthly remote meetings and ongoing access to an online members area where members can continue to strengthen bonds of community informally between events.

Within the daylong “deep dive” intensives, members get to openly explore what is and isn’t working for them among a community of their peers. They get to fill up with love, understanding and therapeutic experiences. We seek to serve that which blossoms within you only in the light of love.

The CPC Team

My story begins as a very poor little black girl with bad hair and clothes that never fit. As much as my family lacked money, there was no lack of emphasis on education. I was taught from a very young age that education would be the path for me to escape poverty. There was no emphasis in my family on emotional well-being. It just didn’t exist as an idea. There was physical survival and there was education to make continued survival more likely.

The result was that I managed to get accepted to both colleges I applied to, Brown and Yale, and then go on to achieve the first graduate degree in my family’s history. I was also accepted into every law school I applied to after Brown, including Hastings, though I never could get myself to actually show up for matriculation. (I really didn’t want to be a lawyer, and just didn’t know what else to do.)

What followed was about 20 rather painful years of “figuring it all out,” particularly my place within the world and the purpose of life. I was in MIS at an investment banking firm, accounting systems at a Japanese food company, and corporate conference planning in Hawaii, among my many paths. Eventually I got my MA in Counseling and worked in that field for almost a decade before being hired by a business consulting firm, which trained me in that profession.

A few years into the new field, I was clear it was a perfect fit for my interests and talents at that time, so I started my own business technology consulting firm, Aspiratech. Over the years that morphed into Awaken, LLC and the Awaken Business Consulting line of business that accounts for much of my work now.

I have come to this point of offering the Conscious Professionals of Color community to you out of my longing to offer what I so deeply wish I had had available to me when I was in corporate. I wish to be that refuge, friend and guide that supports your unfolding as all you can be when you know the power of love you truly are… AND when you have the community support you truly need.

Welcome to the Neighborhood.

SUZANNE MANSELLPresenter/ Facilitator
I’m a speaker, writer, coach and certified Ayurvedic practitioner. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and have worked in the fields of law, business, consulting, non-profits, and eastern medicine. I’m passionate about bringing back a renewal mentality into our modern lives. I present on topics related to finding health and fulfillment in today’s world.
SADE STEVENSPresenter/ Facilitator
I’m a growth strategist with a background in web programming, product dev and marketing. My experience includes work for AVG, Google and Pinterest, as well as tech incubator funding and training in support of my new venture, Deckstr. I’m happy to share that experience with you now as a CPC presenter/facilitator.
IYO IRABORPresenter/ Facilitator
I advise women on how to build value-aligned careers. Whether you are weighing up job offers, rebuilding confidence after a setback, or discovering the power of your voice in the workplace, my opportunity-focused approach and insights can guide your process. As a career strategist, my aim is to create a empowered space within which you can tap into your strengths, values, and visions.




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